Reviews of Blue Girl Nice Day:

“Blue Girl Nice Day” is a gorgeous folk rumination on social and personal responsibility — or lack thereof… Disquieting and littered with lyrical menace, the song demonstrates La Faute’s exquisite ability to mingle foreboding narratives with mesmerizing musical dalliances.”

– Joshua Pickard

“Take note: La Faute has prepared a song for you that you may not be prepared for. “Blue Girl Nice Day” is a hauntingly beautiful tune that will captivate you while it envelops you in sound and emotion. Don’t ask me what it is about. Don’t ask me what life is about. I don’t have the answer to either, but I can assure you that both are worth experiencing.

This is a stop-you-in-your-tracks song.

– Mark Grider

“The frozen heart of Canada should produce such captivating works. We hear evidence of fellow countrywoman Feist with the art first appeal of Mitski.”

“A hypnotic embodiment of styles and influences”

“The mainly acoustic three-minute-long track is both mesmerising and devastating, complete with the addition of momentous electric guitar elements and piano keys. The beating heart incorporated halfway through makes way for the crescendo of the song, reaching La Faute’s final, heavenly vocals, which are arresting throughout.”

– Guiville

“What I like the most about this song is how expressive and evocative La Faute’s vocals sound, effortlessly capturing our attention to her storytelling.”

“Avec « Blue Girl Nice Day », La Faute pose un œil, mais surtout une voix formidable sur notre capacité à blesser les autres”

Translation: “With ‘BlueGirl Nice Day’, La Faute casts an eye, but above all an incredible voice on our capacity to hurt others.”

“Suitably, there’s a gloominess about it, but that’s tempered by Peggy’s captivating and sympathetic vocals…the lyrics feel deeply relatable and the sonic soundscape will leave you haunted.”

– Graeme Smith

“Toronto singer-songwriter La Faute (aka Peggy Messing) with a haunting work, complete with equally bleak but beautiful visuals.”


“A haunting blend of cinematic pop with slowcore, inspired by the Milgram Experiment, with a great vocal performance and some powerful words by the Toronto-based, dark, dreamy solo project of Peggy Messing…”

– Christos Doukakis

“If you need to leave this world at least for a moment, get out of the shell of your body and be somewhere in a different, unreal world, then this intoxicating melody is suitable as nothing else. Only one voice -la faute is worth paying your attention to her new track in the Dream Pop genre and feel a pleasant, warm and lonely tear running along the cheek.”

– William Ruben Helms

“Blue Girl Nice Day,” the self-titled album’s atmospheric first single features strummed acoustic guitar, twinkling keys, Messing’s gorgeous and expressive vocal paired with swirling synths and military-influenced drumming. Sonically, “Blue Girl Nice Day” is blends classic, guitar-driven folk with shoegazer-like textures.”

“It’s hauntingly eerie.”


La Faute presenta el sencillo «Blue Girl Nice Day» (Canadá)
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– William Ruben Helms

“…este track desarrolla su sondios dentro de varias influencias y estilos como el indie, dream pop, folk alternativo y la canción de autor, para este sencillo la música deja ver un poco de cada influencia pero de forma cohesiva que logra un sonidos fresco, la voz es parte fundamental de este track pues la palabra tiene cierto protagonismo que gracias a la base musical se expande las emociones de las que se canta, este track merece varias escuchas ya que con cada una más sonidos o texturas se aprecias cambiando la experiencia de la canción.”


“Before listening to this song, it’s better to sit and lean on this shoulder, because what La Faute brings feels very special.”

– Abdyka Wirmon

“La Faute is the project of Toronto-based artist Peggy Messing who recently won our hearts with her enchanting single “Blue Girl Nice Day.”

The track is a haunted piano ballad with elements of ethereal folk and dream pop with a bit of a Weyes Blood quality in the air. The song sees Messing “reflect on how we hurt each other, intentionally and not, and made me wonder who we think we are.”

– Will Oliver